Gallery - Barn Conversion

The project below shows a barn conversion which was demolished except for 3 stone walls and then transformed into a beautiful living accomodation. Initial work involved wall underpinning walls followed by construction of the rainwater management system and sewerage system. The outside walls were then faced with local flint stone and finished with putty lime pointing. New oak wall plates were fitted for the new roof built with barn style green oak trusses. The gable end was reconstructed and fitted with window and door frames. Internal brick piers were built to encase steel girders incorporating all necessary damp proofing measures. Floors were laid and dividing party walls. All necessary pipe work and wiring were fitted internally. Internal decoration was finished by fitting plaster board and then plaster skim the entire house. In addition a boiler room extension was added to the house.
The pictures below illustrate the construction of this beautiful accomodation.

Views of the barn before commencing conversion.

The interior of the barn.

Starting the underpinning.

Installing the drainage.

Laying the foundations

This image shows the erection of the scaffolding and shows the damp proof course installation across the entire building.

Here the scaffolding is complete and we are removing the existing roof.

A view of the interior with the roof removed.

Further work to the interior foundation.

The steelwork arrives and new steel work is installed.

The concrete floors are layed.

New floor beams are fitted.

A new roof is constructed using battens and felt.

Roof slating is complete and windows installed.

The interior plastering is complete.

A view of the boiler room extension.

The scaffolding is finally removed!!.